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Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods
Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods
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Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods
Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods

Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods

Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods

Penn Bluewater Carnage Rods are custom designed and balanced for optimum performance when paired with a Penn reel. Carnage rods feature a composite graphite blank that includes a carbon shield built into the blank and guide wraps for enhanced performance.
  • Fuji LR Turbo frames with Hardloy inserts are light weight and use a unique shape that prevents the line from getting tangled. Models include CARBW2050C66, CARBW3080C66, CARBW50100C66, CARBW700XH and CARBW765L.
  • Fuji N flared frames with Hardloy inserts. Spinning models include CARBW1220S70, CARBW1530S70 and CARBW3050S70.
  • Fuji N flared frames with Hardloy inserts. Conventional models include CARBW1020C70LB, CARBW1525C70LB, CARBW2040C70LB, CARBW1530C66, CARBW700XL, CARBW800XL, CARBW800L, CARBW700ML, CARBW700M, and CARBW800M.
  • Fuji HN flared frames with deep pressed Hardloy inserts. Hardloy deep pressed inserts provide a larger surface area for securing the ring material to the frame. This provides a stronger bond for more durable longer lasting guides. Models CARBW700H and CARBW800H.
  • AFTCO rollers extend the life of your line by reducing friction at the key areas like the tip guide and stripper guide. Model CARBW760H.
  • Tungsten Carbide ring with double footed stainless steel frames for wireline applications. Models CARBW2050C66WL, CARBW2050C80BS and CARBW3080C80WL.

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ModelItem CodeLength & TypeLine
Weight (lb)
Guides + TipType of GuidesHandle MaterialHandleGimbal
CARBW1220S70PEN-09717'0'', 1 pc.
12-206+1Fuji NEVAARubber
CARBW1530S70PEN-09727'0'', 1 pc.
15-306+1Fuji NEVA/Slick ButtBAluminum
CARBW3050S70PEN-09737'0'', 1 pc.
30-506+1Fuji NEVA/Slick ButtBAluminum
CARBW1020C70LBPEN-12247'0'', 1 pc.
10-209+1Fuji NEVA/Slick ButtIAluminum
CARBW1525C70LBPEN-09827'0'', 1 pc.
15-259+1Fuji NEVA/Slick ButtIAluminum
CARBW2040C70LBPEN-09837'0'', 1 pc.
20-409+1Fuji NEVA/Slick ButtIAluminum
CARBW1530C66PEN-09846'6'', 1 pc.
15-307+1Fuji NEVA/Slick ButtIAluminum
CARBW2050C66PEN-09856'6'', 1 pc.
20-507+1Fuji LREVA/Slick ButtJAluminum
CARBW2050C66WLPEN-12256'6'', 1 pc.
20-506+1Tungsten CarbideEVA/Slick ButtLAluminum
CARBW2050C80BSPEN-12267'10'', 1 pc.
20-508+1Tungsten CarbideEVA/Slick ButtKAluminum
CARBW3080C66PEN-09866'6'', 1 pc.
30-807+1Fuji LREVA/Slick ButtKAluminum
CARBW3080C80WLPEN-12277'10'', 1 pc.
30-808+1Tungsten CarbideEVA/Slick ButtKAluminum
CARBW50100C66PEN-09876'6'', 1 pc.
50-1007+1Fuji LREVA/Slick ButtKAluminum
CARBW700XLPEN-09747'0'', 1 pc.
10-259+1Fuji NHypalonC-
CARBW800XLPEN-09757'10'', 1 pc.
10-2511+1Fuji NShrink TubeD-
CARBW800LPEN-12287'10'', 1 pc.
15-309+1Fuji NShrink TubeD-
CARBW700MLPEN-09767'0'', 1 pc.
20-408+1Fuji NHypalonEAluminum
CARBW700MPEN-09777'0'', 1 pc.
20-508+1Fuji NHypalonEAluminum
CARBW800MPEN-09787'10'', 1 pc.
20-509+1Fuji NShrink TubeD-
CARBW700HPEN-09797'0'', 1 pc.
30-608+1Fuji HNHypalonFAluminum
CARBW800HPEN-12297'10'', 1 pc.
30-609+1Fuji HNShrink TubeD-
CARBW700XHPEN-12307'0'', 1 pc.
40-1008+1Fuji LRHypalonGAluminum
CARBW765LPEN-09806'6'', 1 pc.
30-807+1Fuji LRHypalonGAluminum
CARBW760HPEN-09816'0'', 1 pc.
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